My philosophy is to build software and infrastructure that is at simple as it can be and can fit your company's or individual's needs. I invest time in understanding your needs and finding the best way to "speak your language". Get in touch with me for a non-binding offer at I offer consulting services on managing AWS infrastructure, developing data engineering projects and hiring software engineers.

AWS consulting

  • Cost-optimization of AWS infrastructure: I will review your AWS set-up and find ways to optimize your bill
  • Building of scalable components
  • Infrastructure-as-code (with terraform)

Data Engineering

  • Integration of APIs (REST/Oauth/SOAP/callbacks) on your system
  • Integration of data sources in your application from a variety of formats (all major geospatial formats, custom CSV formats etc)
  • Data pipelines with celery and/or airflow
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Building of website-as-a-tool to manage a data processing pipeline
  • Deployment on AWS, Heroku or custom environment

Technical Interviewing

  • Creation of assesment materials on niche topics (Geospatial Information Systems, Django backend etc)
  • Design of an end-to-end hiring process, from how to conduct a phone screen up to the on-site interview. Read my article on hiring software engineers for more information!
  • For individuals: coaching for live coding or whiteboard interviews (mock interviews, algorithmic training)
  • For individuals: career advice (how to start a remote career, best skills to learn)